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Welcome to the Application Guidance for Getting Started with Windows Phone 7

We are part of the Developer Guidance team at Microsoft. We're working on ways to improve the developer experience through great samples and documentation. Please check out our Issue Tracker page where we are trying to track the most important developer challenges facing you on Windows Phone 7. Vote on existing issues or create your own. We'll be using this list to make decisions about what samples and documentation we'll be adding in the future.

Introduction to Fuel Tracker

Our first project is complete, and includes the following documentation and accompanying sample application that will help get you started building a complete application for Windows Phone 7.

With this guidance, you will learn about common developer issues in the context of a simple fuel-tracking application for your car named Fuel Tracker. Some of the tasks that you will learn include the following:

  • Defining your application starting with an idea.
  • Creating a new Windows Phone project.
  • Creating pages.
  • Handling navigation between pages.
  • Laying out a page.
  • Using controls to create the user interface (UI).
  • Adding images and icons.
  • Creating a consistent look.
  • Displaying data.
  • Creating data classes.
  • Saving and loading data using isolated storage.
  • Restoring your application after deactivation.
  • Validating data entry input.
  • Incorporating photos. 
  • Publishing your application in the Windows Phone Marketplace.




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